By placing an order with SGS, you effectively agree to all our terms without change. Any legal terms on your PO are not accepted by SGS and do not apply. Please note, SGS Terms include an Arbitration clause that is the only legal recourse allowed for disputes.

Orders to be placed directly with Smart Grow Technologies should be placed via telephone at (800) 571-3588 with a signed Quote form (this form). A printed form may be signed and sent to: All monies due must be paid via check or wire transfer. PayPal may be accepted on orders below $10,000 and carry an additional 3.4% handling fee (please include with your payment). Orders will not be accepted until complete Billing and Shipping information is received in writing, a signed copy of this quote is received by SGS, and SGS notifies Customer in writing of acceptance of an order.


Prices for all products are published and are in effect at the date of publication. All prices are without shipping and handling costs. All prices are subject to change without notice. Contact your nearest representative or our headquarters to confirm prices and to obtain current delivery information.


Determination of prices, terms, and conditions of sale and final acceptance of orders are made only at our headquarters, Sisters, Oregon, USA. Terms for domestic orders are NET 30 days on approved credit. All product and orders subject only to SGS Standard Terms & Conditions.


Unless specific instructions accompany the order, we shall use our own judgement as to the best method of shipment. Unless otherwise specified, normal shipments will be made by UPS Ground, Air Freight, or Truck, pre-pay and added to the invoice. International orders will ship via Air-Sea Forwarders, pre-pay and added to the invoice. The price for our products includes packing, but does not include shipping. Please identify whether the adress given for shipment to is a residence or a place of business. If an error is made and SGS is charged additional amounts for shipment, additional charges may be accessed to Customer.


All products manufactured by Smart Grow Technologies, Inc. are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship subject to the following terms and conditions. All other products sold by Smart Grow Technologies, Inc. are warranted only to the extent of that offered by the manufacturer.

a) PERIOD OF WARRANTY: This warranty for LED lights and their components shall terminate three years after the date of original shipment.

b) REPAIR, RETURNS AND/OR REPLACEMENT: SGS has designed extra capacity into its LED lights. They will provide sufficient light output to support plant cultivation with 85% or more of the LEDs functioning. Therefore, individual SGS LED PCB boards within each light are considered 100% functional (and not Defective) if a minimum of 85% of the LEDs are functioning on all boards. SGS obligations under this clause shall be limited to repair or correction of any Defective product or part or unit thereof, notice of which shall have been given to SGS within warranty period specified in subdivision (a). ALL RETURNS MUST BE REQUESTED THROUGH SGS RMA PROCESS AS STATED BELOW.

c) CANCELLATION OF WARRANTY: This warranty shall not apply if modifications not authorized by the SGS are made, or if there is any damage to the product from neglect, abuse, or misuse.

d) NO LIABILITY FOR OTHER DAMAGES: In no event will the SGS be liable for any incidental, consequential or other damages, and liability is restricted to the matters and extent herein set forth.


Any and all requested returns must be made through the SGS Return Material Authorization (RMA) procedure. All returns must be in original packaging. Please contact your SGS Representative or to begin the RMA process. Any product returned to SGS without authorization and a valid RMA number will not be accepted by SGS and will void all existing warranties and will automatically be considered damaged product. If Product is not returned via the SGS RMA process, not in original packaging or determined by SGS to be damaged due to any reason outside of normal wear and tear, the Warranty is voided and customer is responsible for all costs of repair (including all shipment charges).


Service Charges: Installation Services and Energy Trust Assistance charged at $150/hr. for service techs and $250/hr. for engineering. In addition, any and all travel expenses. Travel charges paid in advance by Customer as appropriate. Total final invoice paid in full to SGS the earlier of thirty (30) days of Service invoice or within five (5) business days of Customer receiving a rebate check for the purchase of LEDs from appropriate state agency (example: Oregon Energy Trust). Late fees apply as described in  SGS STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS.