The following Base Soil Mixes and Worm Casting Mixes were selected for best fits for Original CHO sugar based plant food regimen.  The sugar based formulas go perfect with these types of soil mixes and make perfect homes for living microbes.

Best base mix soils loaded with full macro micro nutrient light mix.


Best base mix soils loaded with full macro micro nutrient light mix.







Running Original CHO requires just the right profile of micro and macro nutrients to make up the trace amount of salts needed for the right balance ratio to sugars from the CHO feeding program.

The easiest and most fool proof method of growing vertical sea of green in a rack environment using the SGS Original CHO feeding program starts with selecting the right soil base mix.

The right soil mix needs to be loaded with a wide range of macro and micro nutrients in a light soil mix.  rather than starting with lightly loaded substrate of coco mix that requires adding npk fertilzers.

If the soil base mix has a wide, balanced combination of macro and micro nutrients preloaded in the beginning, then the entire grow cycle can be performed with a simple 2 part soil amendment feeding program consisting of Original CHO Aqua and activated GREEN Formulas.   This CHO program does not require any additional fertilizers added at any time during the grow cycle, even during flower weeks 5-7.

This zero fertilizer feeding system takes all the guess work out of balancing NPK salts since the plants get plenty of trace macro and micro nutrients in the base soil mix.

Flower Auto Pilot without NPK.  The goal for aerobic balance of bio material is 96.6% Sugars (CHO) and 3.4% Salts (Micro & Macro Nutrients).  The target is to keep your plants aerobic.  The plants frequency turn to anaerobic when the balance shifts towards salts, and this change in the plant’s make up invites unwanted pests, disease and pathogens.


Original CHO GREEN Formula is a perfect sugar based non metal foliar spray that can be used throughout the entire grow cycle from vegegtative to flower.

Spray the Orignal CHO GREEN Formula foliar mix everyday on your stocks, leaves and flowers (buds) and watch your flower explode with sugar development.  This process helps increase carbohydrates, fats & lipids and proteins development.  This burst of CHO molecules also helps keep your plants aerobic as well as increases both THC potency and the overall terpene profile.



Rocket Fuel was designed for the grower who enjoys a fast draining and lighter medium. Based on growers grade Manitoban long fiber peat, Rocket Fuel is one of the best indoor and greenhouse blends on the market today. To make sure there is an instant punch of nitrogen available, they use a blast of powdered calcium nitrate. Rocket Fuel allows the farmer to transplant, water plants as needed, relax, and leave the Outlaw flying to us the first couple of weeks.
Rogue Soil – Factory Built Soil
Total Nitrogen 0.10%, Nitrate Nitrogen 0.06%, Water Insoluble Nitrogen 0.04%, Available Phosphate 0.33%, Soluble Potash 0.6%, Calcium 1.0%.  Derived from: Calcium Nitrate, Ureaform, Bat Guano, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Fishbone Meal, Feather Meal, Calcium
Mycorrhizal Endo:  Glomus intraradices 0.039 prop/cc, Glomus aggregatum 0.039 prop/cc, Glomus mosseae 0.039 prop/cc, Glomus etunicatum 0.039 prop/cc, Soil Amending Ingredients: Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, Aged Forest Product, Coconut Coir, Green Waste Compost, Worm Castings, Glacial Rock Dust, Limestone (ph adjuster)


Sensi Lite is designed to promote optimal growth without burn or shock. It is optimized as a stand-alone soil when used in conjunction with your favorite amendments and liquid nutrition. For the ultimate worry free gardening experience, begin plant life in Sensi Lite and finish strong in Sensi Soil.
Glomus interadices 0.01 propagules/g, Glomus mosseae 0.01 propagates/g, Glomus aggregates 0.01 propagules/g, Glomus tunicates 0.01 propagules/g, Bacillus subtilis 953 cfu/g, Bacillus megaterium 953 cfu/g, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 953 cfu/g, Bacillus pumilis 953 cfu/g, Bacillus licheniformis 953 cfu/g, Trichoderma harzianum 119 cfu/g, Trichoderma kongii 119 cfu/g.  Also contains non-plant food ingredients: 0.0004% Humic Acid (from Leonardite)
Information regarding the content and levels of metals in this product is available at:


 Roots Organics Green Fields is an ocean-nutrient-based growing mix designed for both the vegetative-and flowering phases of mature plants. Green Fields was designed with greater water-holding capacity, yet it is free-draining for frequent feeding of fast-growing, heavy feeding plants. Green Fields is a ready-to-use soil created with less perlite and pumice, and specific ingredients such as fish meal and crab meal, worm castings, bat guano, and kelp meal. Experienced gardeners know that a perfect outdoor mix is different than a perfect indoor mix, and Green Fields has been proven as an excellent outdoor blend for your fast-growing plants.
INGREDIENTS:  Composted Forest Material, Peat Moss, Perlite, Coco Fiber, Pumice, Worm Castings, Crab Meal, Feather Meal, Fish Meal, Bat Guano, Soybean Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Kelp Meal.

Worm Castings


INGREDIENTS: 100% Worm Castings
Roots Organics Big Worm pure and premium worm castings is a distinctive natural soil amendment. Our earthworms are carefully tended and fed an unparalleled blend of organic and natural feed stocks for exceptional quality worm castings. No fillers, no chemicals and no tricks. Just pure and exceptional worm castings. Add Roots Organics Big Worm pure and premium worm castings to any soil as an amendment and conditioner.


Roots Organics Earth Worm vermicompost contains organic matter to assist in soil aggregation and improve cation exchange capacity of soils. Our earthworms are carefully tended and fed an unparalleled blend of natural and organic feedstocks for exceptional quality vermicompost. Roots Organics Earth Worm is a great amendment or top dress to aid in the proliferation of soil microbes and encourage vigorous root growth.



Light·Mix® is the ideal substrate for organic growers who want to control their plant growth by applying liquid fertilizers from the beginning of the grow cycle. Larger quantities of fertilizers may be applied on demand to any kind of plant, including heavy feeders, without the risk of overloading the substrate and causing nutrient burn.  Micro activity is created as the liquids work with the substrate to produce organic catalysts. Light·Mix® is also ideal for cuttings, young plants, and seedlings. This mixture ensures the right atmosphere for the development of rapid root structures and provides a foundation for vigorous growth.  Light·Mix® has been blended to ensure optimal drainage throughout the entire medium, a property that is essential if automatic irrigation systems are used.

Substrates such as coco based mixes require an additional supplement of nutrients to make up for the lack of calcium, magnesium and iron plants need.  

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