Grow microgreens in your kitchen for personal useThere is a wealth of information available on how to grow microgreens. In this article you will find a summary on beginning to grow microgreens with links to videos containing more specifics and some suggestions on where to purchase seed.

Microgreens are fairly simple to grow. The best way to start is with some 10 x 20 trays to test out your crop and see if it’s a good addition to your farm. Here’s what we can recommend and how to get started.

Choose organic potting soil1. Pick a few microgreen crops that are universally liked. Basil, arugula, radish, and sunflower are great ones to start out with.

2. Begin with organic potting soil. Mix with one half coconut husk to help maintain moisture and keep down the cost of your soil since the coconut husk is less expensive and the soil mixture is not usually reusable. To learn more about making the soil reusable, see SmartGrow Original Purple Formula Plant Food

3. Spread the soil mixture into your 10×20 tray, and make sure you create an even, flat surface without compressing the soil too much. Spread your seeds as evenly as possible, using around 1oz per tray unless you’re growing a larger seed like sunflower.

4. Mist your seeds lightly with a spray bottle, then cover with another 10×20 tray for a few days

5. Check on your tray and mist daily.

6. A couple of days after your seeds have germinated, take off the blackout dome and expose them to the light.Allowing microgreens light makes them green It’s time for them to green up.

7. Around a week after you uncover your trays, they should be ready to harvest.


Again, this is a simplified guide on how to grow microgreens. I would like to direct you to a video guide if you want more in-depth information. Here is a great video from Epic Gardening.

Look for organic non-GMO seeds from a reputable dealer only. There are many online microgreen seed sellers, but we at SmartGrow would like to recommend Johnny’s Selected Seeds or seed dealers with similar attributes.

Microgreen seedsAbout Johnny Seeds:
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Growing microgreens for either your own personal use or if you find an outlet to sell is highly rewarding. They are nutritious, low cost and fairly low maintenance. They can be grown indoors, on your patio or a more commercial setting. Give it a try!

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